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Overseas Security Awareness Training

This three day course is being run in cooperation with Three Corners Risk Consulting and  is ideal for NGOs , oil and gas industry workers & aid workers.

The course covers the following subjects:

  • Hotel, office and travel security awareness.
  • Catastrophic Bleed Management.
  • Fire Safety
  • Communications systems and calling in an emergency.
  • Stress Management.
  • Situation Awareness.
  • Actions on hostage taking.
  • Vehicle preparation and route planning.
  • Reaction to a critical stress situation.

This course can be run in the United Kingdom , at the Monkeberg Training Centre set close to Paderborn, Germany or at your company’s premises  in what part of the world they maybe.

Our Commitment to all our clients has always been to:

  • Provide meaningful training and seminars
  • Test learner/listener retention
  • Give honest feedback/observations
  • Deliver dedicated client specific drills to arranged timelines
  • Prepare program optimisation and security updates
  • Supply a holistic security survey
  • Furnish realistic and non-commercial biased recommendations
  • Quality assurance

Added services to our program are:

  • Catastrophic First Aid
  • Employee Contact Accountability Program
  • Traveller, client, location specific travel briefs
  • Security surveys with a view to hardening potential safe-rooms
  • Live active shooter/terrorist attack drills (training, evaluation and optimisation)
  • Train the Trainers


If you want to know more about our OSAT course? Maybe you have questions in general? Click the “Contact Us” button below to get in touch.